Are You Crying on The Inside
From Frustration About Your Business Stagnation?
Is Your Life A Mess?

If so, You Might Want to Consider a Simple Question . . .

Do you suffer from Applicititus (applic - i - tite - us)?

The answer to that one question can make you a fortune and, better yet, save you a bundle.

"What is Applicititus and how do you know if you have it?"

It affects every thing you do and yet, you probably don't even realize that you have it!

Read on to find out How To Reconize YOUR 'Applicititus' Today!

Hello, My name is Michael Spindelman and I am a Business Coach who works with individuals and corporations to help them make lots of money by uncovering their hidden brilliance and improve their productivity.

My clients transform their businesses by removing limiting beliefs. You too can transform your business almost overnight with a revolutionary program I have developed.

First, you need to know there is a reason why you are in the situation you are currently in. Second, it is currable

My clients are people just like you ... they suffer from what I call "Applicititus".  

Let me introduce you to an 'Applicititus' Sufferer ...

Alan was a tall, thin, gentle, man with kind eyes and a smiling face.  He had traveled across the Atlantic Ocean from his home in the United Kingdom to Sandusky, Ohio to attend a conference.

I was a breakout session speaker at this 3 day long event on "Learning to Use the Internet to Leave Your Legacy".

Hobbiests, astronauts, housewives, and business owners showed up. People from all around the world and ages from 19 to 75 wanted to learn how to transform their lives.

As Alan first approached me, I noticed that he appeared to be in his late 50s or early 60s. He had a deep wisdom that "almost" filled his eyes.

There was something about him that made me realize Alan and I were both at this event for a reason.

When Alan spoke, there was the unmistakable monotone of a broken man.  You could tell from his appearance that Alan was currently not a financially wealthy man.  But from his words, you could sense that he was a hopeful one.

As he talked, I knew he possessed an amazing, untapped brilliance inside. Yet, he kept it locked, deeply away, guarded for some reason.

He openly shared with me a laundry list of all the conferences around the world he had been too. He attended each in an effort to unlock the secret to internet millions.

Hearing him tell his tale, I realized that what he truly longed for, though, had nothing to do with money at all.  What he truly sought was a way to uncap his hidden brilliance.

Many hugely successful Internet Marketing Geniuses spoke at this event. Alan was certain that if he listened carefully enough, one of these "gurus" would give him the key to unlocking his financial vault.

What Alan suffered from is something I call 'Applicititus'.

I meet people just like Alan all the time.  As a Business Coach, I help people uncover their legacy and leverage their authentic brilliance.  Through my work, I meet men and women, young and old alike.  These are ...

  • Hard working people, with great intentions,

  • Spending enormous amounts of time and money,

  • Month after month, on one program after another.

But, like Alan, these people are never able to successfully apply the material they learn and transform it into the lifestyle they are so desperately looking for.

Like Alan, these men and women want a "real solution". What about you?

They know the material taught in these programs can absolutely have a tremendous financial impact on their lives.

But, within a few weeks after returning from an event, they still are left empty handed, with no results.  They face ridicule and disappointment from their families.

They are in tremendous PAIN. They don't know where to turn next!

And so on they move to the next big home study course.  To the next seminar on the schedule.  To the next info product.

Maybe, you can relate?

During my Ohio presentation, I shared the frustration people feel from this ailment. As I discussed the causes, there were tears from failures on many faces.

On one side of the application gap are the hopes and dreams. On the other, is the anguish of defeat.

They shared their disconnect, as everyone in the room told their stories. But the universal thing they all felt was ..

"Yes Michael, that's happened to me too. More than I'd like to admit.

Help me learn how to close the DISCONNECT!"

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